Monday, June 16, 2008

Project: To Hell and Back Again?

Dionysus and Ariadne have been on my mind a lot lately so today I started working on some research and prewriting for the rest of their story. There's quite a lot left to tell, I have to say.
But I have two main problems that I'm encountering. One, okay, say that the all-powerful Greek gods wanted to take out a human. You know, under the radar, basically assassination. Would they do it themselves? Or, if they didn't, who would they send? Am I allowed to make up a character for that? Haha if I AM, that'll be hawt. If I'm not, I really need to find this assassin of the gods. Two, I have no idea who Perseus is. I mean, I know who he is as in who his father is and what he did and all that....but personality-wise, no clue. It's also going to be a challenge to make him a decent chap without making Dionysus a jerk. I mean, we all know he is a jerk, but he can't be too much of one. So yeah. Perseus will be hard.
But otherwise, I'm looking forward to getting back into that story. There's a lot of good stuff to come. And who knows, maybe Adrastus will make an appearance.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I forgot to post a wrap-up for Penredux. *shame*
Ending wordcount: 12,235
Feeling of Failure rating 9/10
Characters created: 8
Will I eventually finish?: I hope so. I think so. Yes?
Bodycount: 2