Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nothing was what scared him the most.

The second draft for Hell Hath No Furies is finished! :D It still needs a lot of work, but I'm very happy with where it's going. And I feel secure enough about it to share it with whoever. Contact me if you want it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Well, I woke up again...."

Once again I am suffering from post-writing depression, so to help that I'm editing my...Nano!!! Wheee!!! I've already decided chapter three is totally DUMB and needs basically a complete rewrite. Although I remember thinking that when I wrote it, so it's expected.
Dionysus is still amazing. :P:D I'm glad that I still like my characters, I'll be honest.

OH so question of the day!!! Should Adrastus (anyone remember the guy? Actually I guess the question is does anyone even READ this blog? haha) be fifteen, as I originally wrote, or twenty-twenty five, as he ended up at the end of the story?

Monday, February 25, 2008

And with that, the twin suns set.....

(look in the lower left-hand corner for the wordcount)
w00t! Never talking to them again.

Haha just kidding...but I really don't think I should proceed with the project any farther, since that goes back into LQ-ish timeline, which I have not been a part of...and as far as I can tell, the Sith keep winning. So I'll just end here, with the happy hope that the good guys win. :D

More than ever hour after our work is never over

Wordcount: 27,243

So I'm basically done with everything I wanted to do/planned to do. BUT I realized I DITCHED Bre and ran off without her, so I'm going to visit her, anddddd do another ending-ish scene with the other characters. Hopefully that'll put my wordcount over the mark. O.o Otherwise I'll have to get real creative.
I've only done TWO dares this time around. I am ashamed. *sniffles* I might try to work the Dionysus reference in, and possibly do one of my dares, but yeah.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

You're crazy!

Okay so Jasmine mentioned a song that seemed to fit her novel really well, and that reminded me of my jano and how "If Everyone Cared" had SO much to do with that novel. And then I was thinking about my current project, and what song would really define it....I couldn't think of one, BUT then I was thinking about the creepy fact that it really centers around three female characters: Zafara, Loreli, and Luna....and then THAT train of thought made me think of the song "Crazy" by Plumb. The words really just seem like words that any one of them would say to the other. Fascination.

I know that you're on the inside
You know that I'm looking out for me
You're sitting pretty
As I wallow in self-pity
And there's no coming back for me

You're crazy for thinking I'm above this
You're crazy for believing I don't care
You're crazy for thinking I'm below you
You're crazy, you're crazy

My ambition and every intention
Is to go where I shouldn't go
Pleasing to my eyes
Through a wretched reply
It's soothing to my soul.

I'm actually really concerned about what that says about all three of them.....but I think Luna's theme song is also "Getcha Good" by Shania Twain....hahaha. "You're a fine piece of real estate and I'm gonna get me some land."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go meet your public, Poster Man.

Wordcount: 25,025.

w00t. w00t w00t.
Speaking of w00t, I found out recently that it stands for "We Own the Other Team." Random. I just use it as a super-generic YAY!
Right, so writing. Over 25k. Me. Happy. :D
Basically all that needs to happen in the story is Loreli to get traumatized, recover, and then the whole declaration of war thing. "Oh, oh I love declarations of war! Drinks all around!"
Larien is super fun to write. Oh and I introduced Alik! Well technically he was in it earlier, I just didn't say his name cuz Loreli didn't know his name. But wow, I love his character, go Christina. *cough* Yesh.
Feeso is kind of an idiot. I didn't realize how much of an idiot. But he's definitely coming across as a total loser. *sigh* ah well. In my heart I know he's a super l33t snipex0r. So it's okay. I think.

Take your best shot I bet you'll miss

Whew I finally hit serious writer's block two days ago. Luckily I was a bit ahead, so I'm still okay, but yeah. 1000 words a day really is not all that much.

Anyways. I basically have a LOT of boring stuff left, and then one jolly scene, and then I'm done. This is like....not even a story. It has no beginning and no end, no buildup and no climax. Hm. Well. That's just funny to me. BUT it was good therapy to get out all this about these characters. I feel like they kind of have a purpose in life now, a little more depth, and know who they are and where they're going. I deem this good.

Wordcount: 22064

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All your base are belong to us.

Wordcount: 21,580
Words remaining: 8,420
Sanity: *skips through house* *trips* *giggles*
Caffiene consumed: The terrain is a bit unstable.....hey wait, I've used this quote before.
Sugar consumed: See above.
Attitude toward characters: Shiny!
Attitude toward plot: Blarg.
Characters' attitude toward me:
Loreli: "B-O-R-E-D. I thought we had agreed I SUCK at diplomacy???"
Feeso: "Have I mentioned I hate your putrid guts lately?"
Paj: "I enjoy having a brain."
Luna: "So many new males with interesting anatomies!"
Eukrie: *whistling* (I decide to not investigate the cause of the whistling)
Thea and Jaden: "Sooo we're not in the story yet because....?"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is what it means to be held....

Wordcount: 19,090
Enjoyment level: 9/10. :D

I am having way too much fun, let's just say. It's such a great opportunity to do so many things with the LQ-universe that I never got to. Larien si Torin made her entrance today....rather a random epiphany-"HOLY COW LARIEN SHOULD BE HERE!" I miss her. *sniffle* My first Internet buddy. I also introduced three completely new characters, all mechanics. They shall be friends with Eukrie. I have deemed it so. :D
Meanwhile, Feeso is getting hit on by Luna, Loreli is ready to shoot some Jedi, andddd the galaxy is just not in a good state. :P

"My country is a free-well, no it's not, it's a dictatorship, but we do NOT support terrorism!"

Stats of my third world, for posterity:

Government: Dictatorship

Political stance: does not support terrorism

Military: Standing army of mercenaries (paid in snickerdoodles)

Primary crops: corn, bananas

Primary exports: raw graphite

Economy: jobs based around farming and mining

Monday, February 18, 2008

Stop it, you're so silly! Silly Corellian!

Wordcount: 16,707.
Yay, I've caught up a bit! I approve of this.
I'm having a *tad* too much fun on Corellia, and having SUPER awkward conversations without meaning to. Or am I? I don't even know. Even when *I'm* writing Luna's character she turns out obscene.
I'm also having fun reconciling what *I* know about the Corellian Sector with LQ's many misguided problems. Corellia, in all the time periods I know of, is an urban planet, ruled by the Empire and then democracy. I'm reallyyyyy struggling with how they have royal family now. But!!! I've solved the problem, by making this time-period OFFICIALLY centures later than the normal time. Probably Luna's ancestor invaded the planet and set himself up as dictator, and they just never got kicked out. Amazingly...enough. So anyway, based on Luna's description of her palace, I also have to figure out the transition of the architecture. It's all very fascinating and fun, I have to say, making up centuries of history, for little reason besides wordcount. w00t.
And I decided to just NOT talk about how Luna was randomly a Sith for a random time for random reasons. Well, personally, I think she just got tired of Jedi men and wanted to try Sith men, but I am overly biased. We'll let the past die on that one.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roll credits!!! *Star Wars theme plays*

Lightsaber Quests: Episode CCXII
A Phantom Hope (wahaha see, it's like, The Phantom
Menace, and A New Hope, but mixed!!! *crickets chirp*)

Loreli Scrye, once a powerful Sith Master, has at last switched allegiances with the help (and therapy) of Thea Dorvin and Jaden Karton, themselves experienced Jedi. Loreli decided to stay with the Sith for a time and pass on information to the Grey Jedi faction (of which Jaden is the head) for a time. When the Sith decide to launch an all-out offensive against the Jedi base of Yavin IV, Loreli has to make her final choice.

Loreli passes on the information to Jaden Karton barely before the Sith invade. A short but bloody battle follows, and despite Loreli’s warning, the Jedi are driven from the Jedi Temple, which is then destroyed. The Sith return to Coruscant, while the Jedi prepare to gather again on Corellia, ruled by a Jedi princess, Luna Morisson.

Loreli, wounded in battle with the Sith warrior Desdemona, flees Yavin IV along with the other Jedi. On her ship are also Bre Ryder, a young Jedi student, and Eukrie and Feeso, two Chiss warriors with a life-debt to Loreli.

Meanwhile, old enemies lurk in the vastness of space, ready to take advantage of the situation…

They'll catch you and give you a weapon.

Wordcount: 15,254
BLEHHHH I'm super behind. My computer ate some of my words last night, which did not help.
But I figured out more what the POINT of my story is! YAYYY!!! I also went back to the beginning and wrote a brief "What has gone before", story starts in the middle of randomness, and continues throwing in millions of relevant references to LQ as it goes along. :P
I am officially done with "Part I". Now I'm on part II.......I'm just not quite sure what the plot is. It makes me laugh though, because the first part was all action-y, with villains hellbent on revenge, etc, whereas the second part is going to be mostly Jedi intrigue and attempted seductions. w00t!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Charming." "Just like everything else about me."

Find your Celestial Choir

Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.

Take the Role-Playing Stereotype quiz.

I just don't think anything I can say at this point will make this better.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm not worthless. And I don't have fleas!

Wordcount: 13,315
Sanity: "The terrain is a bit unstable. No readout yet if the air is breathable. And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life ANYWHERE!"
Caffiene consumed: surprisingly little (maybe that's my problem)
Sugar consumed: too much. It's Valentine's Day, whaddya expect???
Redundant blogs created: one
Dares accepted: 3

That about sums me up just now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

*tries to sing Japanese lyrics, botches, falls silent*

Wordcount: 12,852
Sanity: "..." *bewildered look*
Root beer consumed: Meh, the uje.

Everyone is still alive, amazingly....enough. I love how once Loreli wakes up, she totally makes up for her absence by stealing everyone else's "screen time" completely. I keep having to literally force myself to go back to Bre, or whoever, that I need to cover.
I'm also angry, because lightsaber duels are HARD to write by myself!!! LOL I'm so spoiled and used to LQ/WotF where you only have to do half the creativity, and the other person takes care of the rest. I just sound redundant making two characters fight each other. Maybe I should recruit Katie or Christina for this. Hey, that is actually a REALLY good idea. I bet Christina could pull out some hawt moves. :P

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Ohhhh.....this explains a LOT...."

I'm not sure why I feel the need to spam my *writing blog* with quizzes, but um....yeah. They're taken on writing time, so they're related???

So this is another quiz I've taken before, I've actually taken this one three times (what??? Don't stare at me!! it's a good one!) and managed to come up with the same result all three times.

Take the Villain quiz.


EDIT: So after Jasmine took this quiz and got the same answer, I wanted to make sure other answers existed, LOL so I took the quiz again as the OPPOSITE of myself, choosing the answers I would be least likely to choose.

What type of Fae are you?
I'm glad to see it's a slutty-looking creature! Which means NOT!

I took this quiz on July 8th, 2006, and randomly found it again today and decided to take it. Fascinatingly, I got the same result despite not remembering any of the questions or answers I gave before:

What type of Fae are you?

In the end, as the darkness takes you, you realize: you are nothing.

Yesterday somehow felt like the longest day of my life. It wasn't even particularly a bad day, just longgggg. I kept thinking "OMG MUST WRITE FOR TODAY!" and then realized I had got all my writing done.
Yes, that's right, I am COMPLETELY caught up!!!
Wordcount: 11,183
Which leaves less than 1000 for today. I wrote 2180 words yesterday! cuh-raze-ay.

My story is going well, I think....only today I have to write a duel, and I'm not excited about it. I basically have my characters in a pretty intense corner, and I have no idea how to get them out of it. :D P'haps they shall all just die.

Oh yeah, and I gotta kill/injure someone with a chair, an ornamental statue and a rug. I could try to work that into the duel, but they're in the torture room...they'd have to get to more civilized areas.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today, salute, mile, serve, deep.

Haha I'm stealing this quote from Jasmine's blog because it's awesome:

Jasmine: "I just shot one of my characters."
Stephanie: "Mine all got mind-raped."
Jasmine: "Oh."

LOL it's like the ultimate case of "I'm meaner to my characters than you are!!!"
Anyways writing is going ishily.
I'm going to steal from Jasmine again and give a brief run down of my characters:

Feeso: is liiiike 34? I think. I forget. He's pretty annoyingly serious and sometimes gets annoyingly noble, too. He has sniper skillz and usually follows orders better than Eukrie, his brother. I luff this guy.
Eukrie: is 31 ish. He's more optimistic and humorous than Feeso and likes bombs, muahaha. He's developing an older brother protectiveness of Bre, which was unexpected but I think it's cute. Wonder what he's gonna do when they get to Corellia....
Loreli: 33, in this story. She's basically in charge. Sometimes she's bossy, but she's kind underneath, and she has uber Force skillz. She is veryyyy protective of Feeso and Eukrie. Which is probably disturbing but I've never thought of it that way.
Bre: Mmm like fourteen years old. She has a disturbing capacity to remain calm in scary situations. She's very sensitive but not very skilled in combat.
Zafara: She's my villainess. She's kinda scary and getting scarier, for sure. OH she's the one that has/had the voice like silk rustling over a corpse, lol. She also has a vendetta against basically the entire crew of Loreli's ship.
Dasser: Name subject to change, he's Zafara's second in command. He's pretty hardcore.
No idea on ages of Zafara and Dasser, but I think Dasser is like in his forties somewhere, and Zafara probably in her thirties. Oh yeah and they're all human except for Feeso and Eukrie, who are Chiss. w00t.

EDIT: this is my sixtieth post in this blog! wow!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Is douchebag a curse?"

YAYYYY last night was an AMAZING writing night. I'm not caught up yet, but I did catch up some, and I got done with a bunch of bothersome boring scenes, and I think managed to make them NOT boring! w00t! Twas lovely.
Because of that I'm feeling more inspired again about where this is all going. Yay. :D

Saturday, February 09, 2008

"I was about to be hanged, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

ZOMG so exciting I thought up a name for my current project!!

Haha okay it's not that exciting. But I decided its working title shalt be "Midway to Corellia." I was trying to think up a witty way of saying "this one time when we had a pitstop on the way to Corellia" but couldn't really think of one, so you get the much less witty Midway to Corellia instead. *cheeky grin* The major problem with this title, of course, is that it's SUPER similar to all the books in the Corellian trilogy's titles. Dang it.

In related news, the bad guys are suddenly going to Mustafar. I'm not sure if I approve of this. I mean, I don't even know WHY in the world these particular villains would go to Mustafar, but....I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time! I might change it. Although I fear if I changed it I would revert to my default planets, ie Mimban or Myrkr. What's with all the Ms???? GEEZ!! But yeah I've definitely never been to Mustafar....wait yes i have, once when LQ began. That doesn't really count though. Cuz...she basically grabbed Des, got in a ship, and left. "I'm guessing that's significant."

Friday, February 08, 2008

ohemgeeiamstill NOT GHEY

Uploading this here because Jasmine said I should show off my Photoshop skillz. It's my character on the LQ and WotF Rpg boards.

Speaking of Jasmine, I'm glad she's enjoying herself with all this writing-ness. Cuz otherwise, I'd feel guilty. "You know, I just...I just feel bad, cuz you're gonna get fired."

ihavesomethingimportanttosayandthatisthatiam NOT GHEY

Well I think I managed to increase the tension a bit yesterday after all...But now I have a long boring scene ahead of me. Basically I have three main characters, and they all need to get interviewed/interrogated. Everyone's looking for the comatose MC, but MWAHAHAHA they can't find her. Haha. Fun times. And yet I'm still so far away from her waking up...danngggit.

BUT I think I'm going to the villain's POV...cuz I really have no idea who she is. :P Good times. And it might make things a bit more interesting.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


My story is SOOOO BORINGGGGGGG. I can't figure out WHY! They fight, they lose, they get captured, and it's just like....snoooore. I'm not feeling CONCERNED about them at all!!!!



Maybe I should go back, and make them get all bloody in the losing part....hahahaha yeah don't think that would help anything. Wah. I'm basically not scared of my villains at all, and my "heroes" are just like "Well, it's okay, because...well, you know, death isn't that bad." and then the little girl is just.....ZERO PERSONALITY so who knows how she feels about everything.


I suppose one blessing AND curse is the fact that Loreli has been unconscious for the entire story so far. The blessing is that I can finally solidify Feeso and Eukrie's personalities, and learn a LOT more about them. The curse is that I KNOW Loreli best and so it's hard to NOT write from her POV. Wah. I want her to wake up.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with.

I just used the simile, "like silk rustling over a corpse" for the way a woman was speaking.


What exactly is that saying? In the story? About me?

The rest is silence.

Da da da DAAAAAAA!!!!!


Iiiii am not yet caught up. Wah. I'm currently on 4,095 words, I should be at 6,000 at the end of today. So technically I'm only 905 words behind, but that still means I have like 2k for today. Wah. No tiiime!!! zomg no time.

However, I finished the first "big scene" of the book. They've successfully been completely PWNED in the space battle are about to be taken captured. Taken captured? Is that right? No, taken captive. LOL! yeah. I'm an idiot....but we already knew this.

La de other writing news, finished Horatio in time for Restless Hearts last night, and it went off tolerably well.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Look at the people you are killing. Don't forget. They won't forget you either."

Wordcount: 3,377
Sanity: Outsane.
Mood: Complacent.
Root beers consumed: 1!!! w00t.

Mmmm still a bit behind but not too worried about it. I got this. It's all under control, lol.

One thing I think WHRN need to work on is their emails. Last year the theme was "love story" and this year is "crime novel." Which renders the emails completely pointless and uninteresting if you're NOT writing that.
Whatever. I don't even like BBC Scotland. ;)

Oh man I'm so excited about torturing someone in this story. "OMG TORTURE YAYZ!" Again, I haven't tortured anyone since Kip (in the Mei Cysyr one, lol!). Unless Ramos counts....he only got the snot beat out of him, though. One time.

Monday, February 04, 2008

"Look at the people! The things!" "Those things are also people."

So I am doing "Write Here, Right Now" along with Kendra and Jasminay. I wrestled with my inner writing conscience for a while over whether to work on Tasliri or not, but eventually decided NO i would not. So I'm working on an LQ-related project-o. Tis fun. :D I haven't done sci-fi in quite a long time....liiiiike since Mei Cysyr anddddd her co-pilot....whatever his name was. He was cool. lol yeah. *rambling*

I'm at liiiike 2,126 words or something, so I'm a bit behind, yeah. :P Oh man but it's so much fun to write....I'm already in the middle of a space battle. w00t. Aliens.....lasers.....comatose chicks....mandos......more mandos....haha. Super fun.