Saturday, April 09, 2011

Borders Closing and Booksale

Note: I was going to do Dewey's readathon this weekend, but I realized this morning was the annual library booksale and then I have a large wedding-related event for my friend later? That's like 6 hours long? So idk.

I visited my sister in New Mexico last weekend. When we got there on Friday, she was still at work, so we were trying to decide what to do. I had this vague memory in my head that a Borders was closing in Albuquerque (where we were), so as a good book-lover does, I looked up all the info, got directions, and persuaded my parents to drive across town with me. Once we were on the highway, we realized it was 4 pm on a Friday, which was very unwise. trollololol traffic.
BUT we eventually made it there and it was LOVELY. So many books. So many tragically empty shelves. :( Cute clerks though. One of them liked my Transformers TV show shirt. Woot.

Then the next day, we all went to Santa Fe to be tourist-y and all, and I remembered (from my research the day before) that the OTHER NM closing Borders was in Santa Fe! TROLLOLOLOL I didn't even have intentions. It was just a "Hey let's go to Santa Fe and look at the Miraculous Staircase" and then once we were there I was like OH BTW there's a Borders RIGHT OVER THERE. So I went there and bought more books?

Then this morning was my public library's annual Friends of the Library fundraiser booksale. So as one does I went and bought a million books. I think this was the most amazing year I have gone (I have gone three years running now). I bought a box-full but it was all stuff I REALLY wanted for whatever reason.

Funny story: I was looking in the "Literature and Drama and Verse" section for any Old English anthologies or whatever. There was a volunteer right there sorting books.
My brain: "I should ask her if she's seen any Old English books. Nah, she's probably not paying that much attention, or even worse, she'll misunderstand what I mean by Old English. But...she's right there, all perky and helpful looking. It can't hurt, right?"
Me: "Excuse me, have you by any chance seen any Old English books around?"
Her: "Oh, yes! I saw a William Shakespeare anthology around here somewhere..."
Me: "Oh. No, thanks. Just thought I'd ask."
Volunteers are wonderful, but oh babies. I died a little inside.

So, here are PHOTOS! Because you all WANT them, right?

From the booksale:

And from the closing Borders: