Monday, February 09, 2009

"I'm naming all the stars the same name. There's terrible confusion."

Wow I feel so productive blog-wise! I've posted in my LJ several times recently, and I posted in my Star Wars blog today! SHOCKING!!!

However I am still failing in my fiction writing. :(

I technically have been writing a LOT though. So far this term I've written four responses for my literature class, four short papers for my mythology class, a long paper for Chinese religions, and a long paper on The Scarlet Letter. Altogether about 24 pages, double-spaced, so roughly 6000 words? Okay I guess that's not great for two months, but HEY, it's academic, which is harder. Well, not really. Well, you know. SIGH I'm just feeling guilty and trying to justify myself. ;)

Anyway, goals!
-Finish the Stranger in the next two months
-Finish editing Hell Hath No Furies in the next two months

That's all I'm committing to for now. By the end of March, those things should be done. The problem is all this academic writing. :P Sucks up my time, cuz I'm getting graded on it so I overthink everything and-yeahhhhhhhhhh. I'm doing it again.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Base command will commence battle on Statistics front. Over and out.

I so decided what I'm doing for ScriptFrenzy today. :D Not going to talk about it quite yet, though, so I don't lose the inspiration all in a moment.

Overall I'm feeling ish about ScriptFrenzy. I've never done it before and my dialog has a tendency to be even crappier than the rest of my writing. ;) But it's new and crazy, so it should be fun, right? :D