Friday, August 29, 2008

head spinning couldn't find my way round

Nanowrimo 2008 Mug

You wanna know what that is? That is awesome slapping you in the face.
I. Want.

Also, check out for hours of entertainment (not even joking).

And, for all you left-handers out there (oh wait...:P), here's a neat article: Fountain Pens for Southpaws

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This love has taken its toll!

I have five episodes of The Stranger done, but I'm a bit stuck now. I *think* I'm going to have to split up Episode 4 of the old series, making it Episodes 6 and 7 of the new. Must ponder!
I was also thinking the bounty hunters I mention early on maybe should get their own episode...that might be fun. But no plot is popping helpfully up as yet, so bleh.

I'm also pondering on some fun LS-related stuff to do. Like what do y'all think of fanart/fanfiction/tshirt graphic contests? If we get a good t-shirt graphic I was thinking the prizes could be, yes, free tshirts!!! :P Any interest? The fanfiction would probably be limited to 200-1000 words, to make it easier all around. I don't want to read a lot of epic fanfics, partly because of time, partly because they'd probably be better than the original. ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another writing survey

1. Your genre(s)?
Fantasy, mostly, or a weird mix of normal with sci-fi and fantasy. I've TRIED writing normal stuff, and I got the weirdest story ever. So. I've given up on normal for now.

2. How many books have you completed?
Technically....well.....2? I really don't know what Tasliri counts as-holy cow something huge just fell past my

3. How many books are you working on right now?
LOL I just did a post on this earlier so I won't list them all again.

4. Are you a linear or chunk writer?
Linear. My brain is too organized for chunk writing, although I do attempt it once in a while.

5. The POV you're most partial to?
3rd limited or omniscient. 1st is fun because you really get in their head, but then you're stuck with the one character.

6. The theme that keeps cropping up in your books?
Hmm....really attractive main characters? Blarg. Also snark, happy endings, and I realized today that somehow TWO of my big projects have vampires in them. ???? I hate vampires. So I don't even get it. BUT they're not important parts of the story. And they don't glitter. So I can live with myself.

7. How many days a week do you write?
Seven in November. :P I blog almost every day, but "real" writing happens twice a week, usually.

8. What time of day do you get your best writing done?

9. Who are your mentors?
CHRIS BATY! :P No just kidding he's just inspiration. Mrs. Nissila I counted on a lot in high school. Gaia's a lot of help, but not really a mentor?

10. Who are your favorite authors to read? (different from mentors)
Oh here we go: Tolkien, Fyodor Dostoevsky, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, Diana Wynne Jones, Hilari Bell, Terry Pratchett, Cornelia Funke, Elizabeth Pope, Jasper Fforde, Ursula K Leguin, William Shakespeare, Kevin Crossley-Holland, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

PS-I added a blogroll on the right with my fave writing blogs.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's in YOUR writing kit?

YOU try typing "Pierrfindelsson" twenty-seven times, and see if YOU don't hate all Elvenkind at the end.
One more episode finished!

And now, for fun, something I found on someone else's writing blog.

What's in your writing kit?
1. My laptop, Shinra. Every writer needs a computer, either their own, borrowed, or stolen. AlphaSmarts are for noobs.
2. Notebook: these vary depending on how ah feel when I get a new one. My first writing notebook was a huge green spiral, the second one was a huge sparkly green composition one, and now it's a nice unlined moleskin.
3. Unlimited supply of Papermate pens. :P Pencils are for noobs.
4. Vincent, my hot-rod-red Zune.
5. Earbuds.
6. No Plot? No Problem! Because it pwns.
7. MLA handbook: for editing only.
8. Copious amounts of chocolate.
9. Copious amounts of root beer.
10. Post-it notes for scrawling random ideas onto.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Everything matters if anything matters at all

ohmigosh this week basically ALL of my writing projects have all JUMPED me at once. They all insist THEY are the most important and need to be finished first. O.o It's really kinda freakish and rather scary.
But I'm firmly sticking with The Stranger for now. I want to make sure to have 12 episodes done BEFORE Nano so I have enough to post one every week, and I doubt I'll want to write them in November.
Once I get at least 12 episodes done, I'm not sure which I'll work on, exactly. My Nano project has changed once again :P but never fear, I wrote down everything important I thought of for Third World. I know, I've got to be the flakiest amateur writer ever, but there's just SO MUCH TO GET DOWN! I don't know which to do first. :D
You want the EPIC list of all my ideas that I REALLY REALLY want to do? You do? You don't? *glares over at the corner* Well, too bad, you're going to get them all ANYWAY!
1. Finish Jano-I like it the way it is now but it's too short. So I need to add a sub-plot or something.
2. Finish Hell Hath No Furies-basically I'm a loser and STILL need to research a lot of the technical aspects. Wah.
3. Tasliri-I've actually got a PLAN for this one, which I won't divulge here. Muahaha. But because of that, it's still on my "possibly WILL get done someday" list. And actually I'll give you a hint: this should actually be listed as two items. *horrified screams ring out*
4. The Missing Door-I've got like 10k done. :P But I love it so it will happen.
5. Dimension Tournament-omg love this story so much, IT WILL FINISH
6. Seven Sprites-I'm not sure if anyone's read this besides me. Hm. Well, it's been one of my most fun experiences, but very unfinished as well.
7. The Stranger-4 episodes done, gah I'm such a loser!!!
8. FF7 Fanfic-OH MY GOSH I'm SUCH a loser. But yes, I am still hoping to finish this.
9. Third World
10. HHNF sequel-planned out.

Oh and I got one of those fold-out portfolios to hold all my loose writing-related papers! It's all brown and blue and pretty. I lurve it.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

my library is my dukedom

I have four episodes of The Stranger officially done. Which seems so little for the blood poured over it, but it'll do.

More importantly, last night, trying to distract myself from thinking about my wisdom teeth extraction this morning, I FINALLY thought up a plot of sorts for my Third World story. Yes, I've been wanting to write something based on the whole epic joke for forever. I don't have a plot, per se, really, but I have several characters, several scenes, lines of dialogue, and I know at least a sub-plot will be assassination of TW's ruler.

Yep. I'm pretty excited. I think I might save it for Nano, though.