Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Pff, moral centers, who needs em?"

Well happily listening to Breaking Benjamin, happily very on track with my novel, and not so happily contemplating Latin. hehe.
But Cirx and Jevlyn are right on schedule with their little insurrection, and Tamila and Ramos are about to fight a battle. I have NO idea what Zarcael and my Evil Dark Lord Lookalike are doing, I'll need to check in with them soon. haha who KNOWS what sorts of mischief they're getting up to????
7k to go!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I see the end! Of the light at the tunnel! caught up. O.o Somehow, it's true. Two late nights, full of caffiene, did wonders for my wordcount. I broke 42k today. :D So I'm kinda thinking that I might maybe sorta be able to do this, and I'm pretty stoked.
In other news, every other area of my life is crashing and burning into little fiery bits.
I got No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty yesterday, it is an excellent book so far, and I'm most of the way through it. It's not a very long book, so don't freak out that I'm almost done. lol.
Cirx is having tons of fun fighting street thugs, meeting his love interest, and other good stuff. Tamila is...being boring. As usual.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tis the write like heck!

Ok...I can do this. Just repeat that to yourself every time, that you feel that you're losing your nerve.
It's Christmas. Night. Actually, it's technically the 26th. I should be feeling warm and snuggly and delicious. Instead I'm having a mild panic attack.
I'm at almost 36,000 words. I should be at...umm....oh sick I should be at 40k! That's depressing. Okay so I have 14k left, for the whole month. So not counting tonight, I have....6 days, sooooo that's like 2,333 a day. Gr. I had it at such a lovely round number of 2000 a day. Whatever. Ok off I go....!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Word count: 32514 Mental State: Only slightly deranged

Hm well I told Beth last night that I think this novel-in-thirty-days thing is slowly but inexorably eating away at my writing ability. By the time the month is over I won't be able to write a formula SAT essay. Yes, I am mocking the SAT writing section.
Well as you can see I'm a little behind schedule, but if I do 2k a day I'll be fine. :D I think I can do 2k a day...hum.
So far today, I've named my last two original Jask fellows (LOL don't ask how they went unnamed this whole time) and Cirx has pwned a bunch of bandits. Granted they were losers and half-starved, but a pwn is a pwn. I think Ghent, his hawk, is feeling upstaged because he hasn't had any action since Rodan. GAH I need to stop calling him Ghent. Ghent is his original name but it's no good cuz it's the name of a computer geek in Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels. LOL! So I'm going to change it to Ghen, I think.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So it begins.

Welcome to my official writing blog. Whee.
My current project is PEN (potentially evanescent novelists), a spin-off of NaNoWrimo. I have to write 50,000 words in 31 days.
Right now I'm at a bit beyond 30k, which is little behind but I'll be okay.
Upcoming projects will be editing this novel, and a novel in Feb. Haven't looked beyond that.
Check back here for my status, my sanity, excerpts, and quotes.