Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let me introduce you

Once upon a time there was a girl who read the whole world.
The stories she read and the books read her
and the words covered the backs of her eyes.
She saw the whole world and lived amongst creatures of ink.
But then one day the words fled away, and all that was left was the sky.
She cried and she cried but when
she searched, queried, and fought,
the words didn't come back from beneath the earth:
had they died?
At last she looked up, and saw in the sky,
that every it-thou-and-God she had ever read was up there,
lacking only paper and ink.
She sighed, and smiled, and lived all the world.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

your intellect is undermined by your insufferable levity.

I am making progress on the Stranger at last! I have an extremely rough and over-long draft for the next episode. Bleh now I just need to rip out its guts and replace them with something approaching readable. Go me.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Script Frenzy Follow-up

Pages: 50

I reached my alternate goal, lol. I'm going to finish the script, and possibly use it as an outline for a novel. The story itself isn't anything I'm going to attempt to publish, as it's 70% silliness and 30% sarcasm, but it's fun. :)
The most valuable lesson I learned during Screnzy? I loathe writing scripts. :D This is a good lesson. It just drove me crazy not being able to "see" everything. Is that an OCD tendency, do you think? I think maybe if I had a steady job writing scripts for theater or cinema, where I had a good chance of eventually "seeing" my script played out, I would be more inspired. But as it was, just writing script kinda killed all drive, momentum, inspiration, etc.

My goals as of now are the ones I've had all year so far, good GRIEF. Finish the Stranger, finish editing HHNF, finish Screnzy script. Wyrd is somewhere on the edge of the horizon, too.