Saturday, December 23, 2006

Word count: 32514 Mental State: Only slightly deranged

Hm well I told Beth last night that I think this novel-in-thirty-days thing is slowly but inexorably eating away at my writing ability. By the time the month is over I won't be able to write a formula SAT essay. Yes, I am mocking the SAT writing section.
Well as you can see I'm a little behind schedule, but if I do 2k a day I'll be fine. :D I think I can do 2k a day...hum.
So far today, I've named my last two original Jask fellows (LOL don't ask how they went unnamed this whole time) and Cirx has pwned a bunch of bandits. Granted they were losers and half-starved, but a pwn is a pwn. I think Ghent, his hawk, is feeling upstaged because he hasn't had any action since Rodan. GAH I need to stop calling him Ghent. Ghent is his original name but it's no good cuz it's the name of a computer geek in Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels. LOL! So I'm going to change it to Ghen, I think.

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