Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Writing Goals

*notice I didn't use the "R" word. It scares me.

These are just big, scary, goals I'm going to make, and see if I manage to get them done. It would be very, very lovely if I could. :D

  • Finish Drem rough draft-I love this story. :)
  • Write second draft of Wyrd-I also love this story. I love this world. It's barely even sketched out so far in Drem and Wyrd, but I know everything about it I just need to get it all down.
  • Write more short stories! One of the things I learned in my fiction class is that shorter fiction is REALLY REALLY fun AND satisfying. To this end, I'm going to write at least one short story a month, either in my Alice in Wonderland world or my Dimension Tournament world. I'm hoping to revamp those novels into linked-short-story sequences, and possibly take those sequences and turn them into novels later, DEPENDING on the results, lol.
  • Catch up on this blog. :) I have several posts-in-progress to finish.
  • Write every day. I always make this res-er, goal, but I'm just going to keep making it until I accomplish it! :D


Merc said...

Good goals! (See? I can avoid the R-word too.)

Snazel said...

Those are excellent goals. :D I suppose I should write a post about those things now....