Monday, February 14, 2011

So I just wrote this.

"He yawned and shifted, and realized that not only was someone lying beside him, but that someone was breathing in the room besides himself. As opposed to waking up next to a corpse, which would be ten times creepier."

It was one of those times when you're writing, and stop after a sentence, and question when, exactly, you thought you might have the skills to write for a living. XD


Pine Cone Boy said...

You should make a Facebook page for Batty Batty Bats, so I can go like it. Raging about my love for it in comments hardly seems adequate anymore.

Bahnree said...


(I have no other response)

Snazel said...

YOU should make a facebook page for Batty Batty Bats, Zack.

And Stephanie, the answer is clearly RIGHT NOW. ^_^

Bahnree said...

Actually, now I want to write a story where he DOES wake up next a corpse.

*too much Castle*