Saturday, April 09, 2011

Borders Closing and Booksale

Note: I was going to do Dewey's readathon this weekend, but I realized this morning was the annual library booksale and then I have a large wedding-related event for my friend later? That's like 6 hours long? So idk.

I visited my sister in New Mexico last weekend. When we got there on Friday, she was still at work, so we were trying to decide what to do. I had this vague memory in my head that a Borders was closing in Albuquerque (where we were), so as a good book-lover does, I looked up all the info, got directions, and persuaded my parents to drive across town with me. Once we were on the highway, we realized it was 4 pm on a Friday, which was very unwise. trollololol traffic.
BUT we eventually made it there and it was LOVELY. So many books. So many tragically empty shelves. :( Cute clerks though. One of them liked my Transformers TV show shirt. Woot.

Then the next day, we all went to Santa Fe to be tourist-y and all, and I remembered (from my research the day before) that the OTHER NM closing Borders was in Santa Fe! TROLLOLOLOL I didn't even have intentions. It was just a "Hey let's go to Santa Fe and look at the Miraculous Staircase" and then once we were there I was like OH BTW there's a Borders RIGHT OVER THERE. So I went there and bought more books?

Then this morning was my public library's annual Friends of the Library fundraiser booksale. So as one does I went and bought a million books. I think this was the most amazing year I have gone (I have gone three years running now). I bought a box-full but it was all stuff I REALLY wanted for whatever reason.

Funny story: I was looking in the "Literature and Drama and Verse" section for any Old English anthologies or whatever. There was a volunteer right there sorting books.
My brain: "I should ask her if she's seen any Old English books. Nah, she's probably not paying that much attention, or even worse, she'll misunderstand what I mean by Old English. But...she's right there, all perky and helpful looking. It can't hurt, right?"
Me: "Excuse me, have you by any chance seen any Old English books around?"
Her: "Oh, yes! I saw a William Shakespeare anthology around here somewhere..."
Me: "Oh. No, thanks. Just thought I'd ask."
Volunteers are wonderful, but oh babies. I died a little inside.

So, here are PHOTOS! Because you all WANT them, right?

From the booksale:

And from the closing Borders:


Snazel said...

You really WERE making out like a bandit. Good golly. I approve of the Gaiman, and the Bear, and the Zahn, and the fruits basket. We need to read Fruits basked again. and Bleach. And FMA.

Snazel said...

Also you should read Old Man's War for your Men In Uniform Challenge.

Bahnree said...

Yeah I really want to read Fruits Basket, FMA, and Death Note again. *hearts them*

*adds Old Man's War to list*