Tuesday, January 02, 2007

*commence victory fanfare and confetti*

I did it! w00t! 50k in a month!! Although Peter says some of it doesn't count, but I believe in word-padding so ish to him!
So I'm taking a couple week break from that, and then I'll set to the mammoth task of editing. *pulls out the vodka* Gonna need a stiff drink beforehand. lol.
But for now I'm participating in JaNoWriMo, although I'm not sure if I'll make it this time, cuz I have a lot on plate.. you know, snowboarding and all that. Anyway THIS story is about four highschool students. Let me tell you, switching from an epic fantasy to a highschool drama is quite a leap. lol. Pretty intense. But fun. I'm trying first-person, which I have NEVER done before, so I'm learning a lot.

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