Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm behind! Aren't you proud?

Yes I am about 5k behind. Amazing. Now I can commiserate with my fellow PENers.
I'm also kinda having writer's block. My characters are running down a dark hallway and suddenly there's these weird shadowy things "beating themselves against the ceiling." I have no idea what those are. And no idea if/how they're supposed to deal with them.
And seriously, where in the world is Mikhail? He needs to turn up. He's like....the important plot character that will not show his cowardly face!!! Curses.
Hmmm how could I bring him back...he was supposed to show up to help them save Maggie!!! Gosh. But noooo Jack pulls out his switchknife and does it all by his bad self.
Whatever. I'm going to go LJ about newsteam.

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