Friday, December 07, 2007

"This is turning into a very bad habit."

So we have about five end of term essays. I've done three of them. But having MS Word open all the time, and in the aftermath of Nanowrimo, is a really big temptation for me. I keep opening blank documents and....writing things. I wrote a short story yesterday, and today I keep finding myself opening it and continuing the story. I have like four pages past the short story now. Single-spaced. I could have been writing ESSAY in that time, lol.
Although I HAVE made good progress on my essays as well. I just have about.....half of my metelski, and the philosophy one.
But yeah the short story I wrote...was really fun. And it was just enough to "whet my appetite" so to speak, to find out more about the characters. Cuz I really have NO idea what time, world, or anything it's in. Or what's going on. Or who anyone is. :P It's great. Plus there's like a ton of blood and action.
I think THAT'S my problem. I wrote a whole NOVEL last night without any death, except for Aegeus, which was told by someone else to my MC, so now I'm like going into severe bloodlust or something. Wahahaha. I mean, my two novels previous to this have had extremely high bodycounts, what with wars and monsters and all that.

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