Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"You know what they say, familiarity breeds...uh, well, contempt, but..."

The second draft of "Absence" is completely done, so if you haven't read it and you want to, email me.
I had sooo much pleasure writing the ending. I'm very happy with it. *pats* The whole thing still needs a lot of work, but right now I'm just enjoying fangirling about everyone and everything in it. I think I might add a few more, more action creature-kicking scenes. Maybe some sort of scene solidifying Jack and Georgie's....whatever feelings about whatever. I don't feel like I did a very hot job of developing their friendship. And by hot I mean "skilled", not....whatever it is you're thinking. lol.
Anyway this is just me rambling, but this is what this blog is after all. I like the Hounds, I want to extend their scene. I want to give Ian and Josh some more "screen time" but....I think that might be over-doing it.

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