Sunday, March 09, 2008

You: lighten up. You: big trouble. You: get in the car.

I haven't had time for any fiction, writing or editing, lately because I've got PAPERS! Wheee school. Basically we have one due a week from now till Doomsday. "My son, in doing this you have brought about a chain reaction that could bring about the next Apocalypse!!"
What I've never understood about that quote, is when was the FIRST Apocalypse? Did I miss it? Dang I wanted to take pictures....

Anyway so yeah, papers. My philosophy one is painfully coming along (think blood. Lots of blood.). My art paper is most likely going to be on Michaelangelo, cuz he's on the list and I like him. Scriptures is going to be Chrysostom, Aquinas, and Luther on some as-yet-unknown topic. I thrive on NOT knowing what I'm doing. Lit is going to be on Milton, and whether we should read him or not. I'm a Milton supporter. I support. *nods* Andddd let's see what's left....Science. Yeah. Science is going to be on evolution. At least that one I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. w00t.

So yeah. Should be a fun month.

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