Thursday, March 27, 2008

You'll understand what I mean when I say there's no way we're gonna give up!

I decided to reward myself for finishing my Scriptures paper by posting a blog. :D I love rambling about writing.

So, what am I up to, writing-wise? For now I have two more research papers for school, as well as a mildly creative piece for Lit.

For May I think I've firmly decided on writing my "Missing Door" plot. I'm gathering other plot-bunnies by the cartload, but I won't talk about those just now. I'm a little disturbed by how many sequels I could write. Like, I have two different sequel ideas for "Furies", a potential one for Tasliri (haha which I haven't even FINISHED yet, bleh), and at least one sequel for the jano (this one is almost completely formed in my mind).

Old projects status: Episode CCXII probably will never get looked at again. I didn't do my usual "let's spontaneously create a million continuity errors as I write!" thing so it's basically how I want it except for basic spelling and grammar errors, which I don't care enough about to go and properly fix. I think my next editing project will be finishing off Hell Hath No Furies, because it's in pretty good shape as it's in, and I'd just like to put that one to rest. The Jano is as good as it's going to get for now. Someday I'd like to go and add a lot more to it, because it's rather short, especially the end. my curse. It has so many problems as of now I'm not sure when, or if ever, it'll be done. I'd like to, though. I really would. I owe it to Zarcael, if no one else. :P Cirx is BEGGING for his own story, too. *SIGH*

Besides big projects, I want to get in the habit of writing like a "sketch" each day. Just a short-short story, or a short descriptive/expository piece, just to keep me writing somewhat creatively every day, because I feel like my skills (the little I have :D) have been slipping lately.

How much time do I have for all this? ABSOLUTELY ZERO! Nada. Zip. Negative. I live in a dimension of negative-time. It's awesome.

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