Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writing Workshop 401

I am attending this this next weekend. I'm pretty excited! Oregon coast=win and writing=win, therefore Oregon coast+writing=Epic Win. My famblee is going with me, actually, and taking the opportunity of having a beach vacation weekend. In February. Heck yes. Sideways rain ftw.

I want to pick a theme or maybe even a recurring object or person that I HAVE to include in ANYTHING I write during the weekend. The question is, WHAT? If you have any suggestions, please put it in the comments! :D

I don't have any expectations for this workshop, really, since it will be pretty different from the last one I went to. The last one, only Bob was there, it was 101, and there was only 25 people. This will be bigger and more advanced, so I'm back to square one in the expectations department. Hopefully it will be jolly though! I'm also going to explore (again) the used bookstore there in search of treasure. ^_^

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