Saturday, July 31, 2010

Read-a-thon Update 1

I'm getting SO distracted reading all of the blogs by other people doing the Undoubtables Read-a-thon! It's totally counter-productive, is what I'm saying. ^_^ Why is it that reading about other people reading is just as much fun as, well, actually READING?

I also had to spread compost this morning.

However, despite all this, I finished my first book! Yay! :D Geek's Guide: Done and done! I only had 87 pages left of it to read, BUT it's tiny, nonfiction text! there!
It's a pretty fun and interesting book, all told. Pretty much gives you an overview of geeky information. The math/science bits made me go O.O but the other stuff was really fun...especially logic stuff.


CMash said...

Good Luck!!! I wonder if reading blogs count lol. Totally understand what you mean.

Snazel said...

Logic and me are in a relationship. We're going to have tiny, crazy, logical babies. As one does.

Bahnree said...

Cmash: They SHOULD! :D

Jas: Hahahahahaha....oh man you make me laugh. *goes to write short story about personified Logic and Snazel*

Rikki said...

The Geeks Guide...sounds interesting.
I agree, reading book blogs is a lot of fun, but a bit distracting if you want to get stuff read yourself, :-).

Kemendraugh said...

I want to read that one. It looks HI-larious.