Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Book Buying Ban September

I keep procrastinating blogging about this, but HERE I FINALLY AM!

A Girl Reads a Book is hosting a Book Buying Ban in September. I feel that this is very healthy. Here are my personal rules:

  • No buying new books (EXCEPT for manga at kumoricon, if it is very cheap)
  • No borrowing books
  • No checking out books from the library, except for manga and debut novels (cuz of the debut novel challenge....DON'T JUDGE ME)
I'm hoping to get at least 10 of my own books read this month. So....many....I keep approaching 100 on my TBR but barely staving it off...XD

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Carin B. said...

Oh, glad you are joining! ~100 is not as bad as some of us! Manga is quick to read most of the time so that's not bad either! Good luck in September! I'm going to try really hard not to acquire anything new too! hehe

Here is my Day 1 Post.