Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arma virumque cano

There's some Vergil for you. Now you can say, "I read some Vergil today," and sound totally awesome. If you want to sound even more awesome you should know that that means, "I sing of weapons and a man," which, in my opinion, are pretty legit things to be singing about.

I am taking three dead languages this term. It is...wearying, but fascinating. On the fascinating side, I found out there's a graduate program at my school for ancient languages. Should I do it? Idk. But it's a possibility. Anyway, for the last week and a half I have been primarily reading "The Dream of the Rood" in Old English, The Aeneid in Latin, and the Icelandic sagas in Old Norse. Yeah, no big deal, I'm reading Old Norse. *insufferably smug*
I am also reading through my friends' 2010 Nanos, which is hugely entertaining. So between those and ancient poems, I am pretty busy, reading-wise. I'm also working on my first graphic novel of the year, Mad With Wonder, and the LotR read-a-along
I will post a review of I Am Number Four, hopefully soon. Also White Cat.

Writing-wise I am.....well, writing. Which counts for something. I've written a short story already this year, "Annie and the Ocean of Hands" which was all right. I'm also working on Saulos' backstory/futurestory, because it's insanely fun. His life is SO psychotic and lolzy. Uhhhm I'm also thinking about (haha) working on "Drem" some more. I think my main writing goal should be to finish a second draft of "Drem" this year. Blargle.

For any English lit nerds out there, has anyone else noticed how trendy The Tempest is lately? Everyone's reading it. I'm reading it in my lit crit class, and I read it in my Shakespeare class last year, and Advanced Shakespeare is reading it this year, and they're making the movie, and...WUT? I don't even like that play, much. Completely personal opinion. But is anyone else noticing the trendiness?


Pine Cone Boy said...

The movie's out already, actually. I saw it a few weeks ago. It wasn't that good. BUT! It did make me want to read the rest of the dang play. I'm conformist like that.

Snazel said...

Didn't you get like, a 4.0 last term? I think you totally should look into the graduate program! GO YOU!

Or, you know, just do what feels right to you.

And Yeah, I should get on reading more nanos. Ahem. Any Nanos.

Bahnree said...

PCB: I have almost no interest in the movie, really. I'm not a huge Tempest fan. Bad llama!

Snazel: All the people who are going to UO that I met outside of UO have like 4.2s. It makes me feel inadequate.

Snazel said...

But that's because they've sold their soul to the devil, Stephanie. You, on the other hand, are still holy. CLING TO HOLINESS. KEEP YOUR 4.0!!!!