Tuesday, January 04, 2011

*WAVES TO 2011*

Heyyyy guys and gals and indeterminates! 2010 was pretty chill. I just wanted to post some stats on the fact, and also the results of my December CRAZY. Let's be backward and talk about December first.

Books read in December: 12 from the list, plus 2 debuts, plus 8 library books=22.
Blogs posted in December: 20.
Comments: I definitely did better in the first half of the month. The second half had the actual holidays, wedding prep for my cousin, and I was feeling ill most of the time. I got all of my debut reviews done sans one, but I think since I only joined in AUGUST, I can live with myself. Although I really expected to finish I Am Number Four and get a review up. >.>

2010 stats!
Short stories written: 16.
Follow the White Rabbit: A chapter in my Alice in Wonderland reimagining. In which Allie meets Warren, an odd college student with white hair.
Uncertainty (parts 1 and 2): Part of my Star Wars fanfic, featuring my Star Wars OC, Loreli Scrye.
Annie and the Four Winds: A Hans Christian Andersen-inspired fantasy.
The Bird and the Stone: A brief introduction of Saetone and Falarra, two sprite characters of mine.
Recipes: Alec and Bahnree attempt to make a spell while arguing.
Vakko Round Five-The Pit: Vakko kicks Atlantean butt while spidercrawling on a wall.
Moosen Freedom Fighters: Freedom Fighters. On Moose.
The Privateer: In which I confuse my history and Benjamin Trades makes his comeback appearance.
the dark: A fantasy based on an artwork by sandara on deviantART by the same name.
Sand Fae: The humans come to the planet of the sand fae and of course start decimating them. We get a few words from a sand fae prisoner.
Messy Magic: Alec and Rogue meet up in a bar, and get in a fight with zombies. As they do.
Beaten: A William Faulkner fanfic that I had to write for a class. I never lie to you, bloggers.
One of the Living: A one-shot from the POV of Adrastus, one of my OCs from "Hell Hath No Furies."
A Day in the Life of an Electro-bot: Pure crack. Fish, electrons, and robots.
Annie and the Forest of Voices: Annie's career continues and she meets up with a Wind again.
The Morning After: The Nutcracker fanfic. >.>
Novels written: 1.
"Mad As Gods" rough draft was started and completed in Nanowrimo. "Mad As Gods" is the sequel to my 2007 Nanowrimo, "Hell Hath No Furies," and continued the adventures of my versions of Dionysus and Ariadne, as well as producing two new characters, Ektor and Saulos. I vote Hades.
Editing work: Nada.
I rock.
Books read: 114.

Everything else of interest in 2010 is over at my other post, Best Read in 2010. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting! :D I hope 2011 rocks for everyone.


Cheree said...

That's a lot of books read. That's good accomplishes for the year.

Snazel said...

You DO rock! And that's a lot of short stories! :D

(Side Question: Are you enjoying the 52 year? )