Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ni copaanir kar'taylir Mando'a darasuum.

I've officially edited 40 pages of Crossing Black Marble (oh good lord i need a decent working title). Of course, without adding in the scenes I need to yet. Basically I've just been doing grammar stuff and noting the names I want to change. It's really quite hilarious, I have a few names floating around from the dawn of Tasliri, that have ALWAYS been temporary and I've always known I want to change them, yet never have. Sooo someone should give me their opinion on these. On the left is the word needing to be changed, and then what they refer to/mean, and then any word ideas I have to replace them.
donao-the treehouses in the outlaws' forest: chantern? Don't sounds kinda cool but somehow I can't connect chantern and treehouse.
Hiar-a black hawk who talks to Cirx; he's a little sadistic. I was thinking Razu, but that reminds me of the bird in the Lion King.
Haloimeeskai-this word is hilarious, I never seriously intended it to be the name of the Forest of the Hunted Ones, but I needed a good long word. Solashi sounds too Japanese, and Soraven(da) reminds me of a mix between the Tree of Life from WoT and the goofy MC from Kingdom Hearts.
Koko-a random character who might possibly get written out altogether, unless I give her something important/defining to do in the last few bits of the story. She's an Angran soldier, if that helps (aka bad guy). She's ultra-loyal to Zarcael. I like K-names for her, but Koko is too cutesy. Kyra? Kira? Kurana?

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