Friday, February 02, 2007

Now for a break?

JaNoWriMo is over! YAY!! If Everyone Cared has a little ways to go, but it's mostly finished. I realized I've been writing 1600 a day since Dec 1st. I'm very, very ready for a break. At least from hardcore writing.
Right now I plan to catch up on school, family, and sleep, and get to work editing Crossing Black Marble. First order of business? Find a good title. LOL! I hate all my titles I've ever had for that book. And especially I nixed the black marble almost out of existence. It's only in the Mangra scenes, and the climax isn't going to occur there after all, sooo yeah. I need a new title.
From my new Writer's Block book:
"This is a work of fiction, only that in many cases, the author could not remenber the exact words said by certain people, and exact descriptions of certain things, so he had to fill in gaps as best he could."-Dave Eggers

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just_kate said...

WHEEE!!!! yessss..a comment from me :D much DID you write this month?? 50 k???!!?? *curious* thinks you should edit your other book..cuz i REALLY want to read it :D