Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's time my enemies shared my dread.

For those of you who know the Tasliri story, just some fun. Found these excerpts of "interviews" I did with the characters in my files. I'm somewhat amused that I didn't find the rest of the Ramos/Zarcael interview interesting enough to save.

Me?: So, Captain, how do you feel about being an albino? Does that bother you?

Ramos: Excuse me? I’m NOT an albino. I have blue eyes, see?

Zarcael: I’m prettier than you anyway. Admit it.

Ramos: I get the girl. Ha.

Zarcael: ....

Ramos: Pretty boy...


Me?: And we’re back to interviews between two fictional people. Joining us today is the beautiful Salya ji’Eluim, working under the pseudonym Tamila Olem, and Cirx Mordan, hawkfriend and smuggling extraordinaire. Thank you for joining us, Your Highness, sir.

Tamila: honored to be here.

Cirx: Yeah, honored.

Me?: What is your view on death?

Tamila: If someone brings about the death of someone else, it must be avenged. I will not be responsible for anyone dying.

Cirx: it comes to everyone. I hope to die at peace with my life, in the cause of something good.

Me?: What do you think of Zarcael?

Tamila: he’s a good man brought up in the wrong place.

Cirx: He’s a brilliant commander who causes trouble for us.

Me?: State your opinion on freewill. [dang this question is hilarious to me]

Cirx: We get dealt a hand and no matter how good or bad, we have to deal with it as best we can. We have a choice to make every day, and we can’t blame the morality or lack of on surrounding people or circumstances.

Tamila: I agree but sometimes we are driven to a very hard choice. It sometimes seems as if there is no choice: we must do this. But that is just our nature speaking: it would be unnatural to do anything different.

Me?: What’s your favorite color and why?

Tamila: Crimson. It’s bold, daring and fiery! Uncompromising.

Cirx: Blue: as big and clear as the sky.

Me?: What is your most prized possession?

Tamila: Possessions are unimportant. But my most needed is my sword.

Cirx: My spear. Very handy.

Me?: You’re not being honest, C.

Cirx: Ok, ok. The lady’s locket.

Tamila: You are a man after all!

Me?: Most important person in your life?

Tamila: Ramos. He’s always there for me and knows the whole of me.

Cirx: Ghent is my constant companion. But a person? I’m more of a loner.

Tamila: Yeahhh we’ve noticed.

Cirx: Don’t hate, ma’am.

Me?: What do you consider your occupation?

Tamila: Reluctant commander.

Cirx: I’m a jack of all trades, eh? Smuggler, trader, merc, master of fast communication…


Me: "So does this mean I get to call you Master Cirx now?"

Cirx: "You certainly can."

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