Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I may appear fragile, but I am in control!

May starts TOMORROW! A month full of doom and laughter! Tears and sarcasm! 1,667-word-days and sugar!!!

Am I ready? Hell no.

I did fiddle around with my characters last night, mostly appearance-wise. I figured out how the agency's uniform looks, what kind of equipment they have, etc. I also realized there is another character. He was kinda hanging out on the world-pathways waiting for me to notice him. It's kinda silly though, because now I have five MCs, only one of which is female. Should one of the twins be a girl? *ponders*

I also have the first scene briefly sketched out, but far as most of this plot goes I have a complete blank. It's kinda scary. Well. I'll just remind myself of the quote that the rough draft is for finding out what your story is about. *nods*

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