Friday, April 04, 2008

Your name is Clay? Can I call you Dirt for short?

As usual, my muse hits me hardest when I'm at my busiest.

Despite having no time whatsoever just now, when I attempted to do the whole writing-a-bit-each-day thing, my muse decided that I should start a whole new story!!!!

It's a great story, as they always are at the beginning. Sigh. Well, I'll just try to have fun with it while I can. One thing I find fascinating about it, is the names. They're definitely not the usual kind of names I use....they're goofy. Not leet at all. You wanna know what one of my two leads is named? Guess. Haha no seriously, guess.

Varesh Elm.
That's right.

Double-yoo. Tee. Eff. The only explanation I have to offer is that I was thinking about Varnish at the time, and Elm just seemed to go with it.

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Snazel said...

It's an excellent story! *grins*

Write more... Doooo iiiittttt....