Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2008-2009 Writing Project?

You saw him fight armies single-handed.
You saw him rescue princesses and defeat dragons.
You saw him conquer every villain of his land, stereotype or not, cliche or not.
You saw him win the hand of his love, and make up with old flames. You saw him befriend pirates, work with mages, sail the seas, fight monsters-
But what if you could see it all....again?

The Stranger
Coming Fall 2008
He wants your soul. Or does he?

After planning this, I realized Nanowrimo is in a few short months. Will that help this, or hinder it? Guess it depends on whether I make it a novel rather than a serial.


Pine Cone Boy said...

"The Stranger". Great. Now I've got that freakin' Billy Joel song going through my head. I hope you're happy.

Bahnree said...

Sounds like a personal problem. :D