Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Gotta go. My parole officer needs to use the computer."

So I don't know if Ramy can like oranges anymore because I heard a wonderful story this last weekend about how they used oranges in someone's health class. So. Hm. Usually health classes are all about bananas.

Anyway, The Stranger is going VERY well. I have 3,393 words written for it at this moment, which doesn't seem like that much but I'm putting quite a lot of work into those words, and I'm happy with them, which is a big deal for me. At the moment I'm having problems because my Creative Advisor hasn't been in touch and it's making me feel a little insecure.....but hopefully that will be better soon.


Pine Cone Boy said...

No no no. Oranges are VERY edgy. It's illegal to eat them in the bathtub in one state. *snicker* Or is that Oregon?

Kendra said...

I am too excited for the Stranger. It's gone from the "thinks about it daily" level, into "stays up at night thinking about how awesome it's gonna be". Yeah. It's that cool.
And don't listen to anything Zack has to say about oranges. Just don't...don't ask.

Bahnree said...

Oh dear well don't get TOO excited. I wouldn't want any esplosions from disappointment.


Pine Cone Boy said...

One orange drives a big trailer truck and has "Iron Man" as his theme song.