Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have yet to touch HHNF this month, but The Stranger is going well. ^___^ I've written, well, okay, I've only written about 2k but I'm TRYING, okay? XD
Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep (been suffering from insomnia lately), I suddenly had one brain-wave after another about stuff that is going to happen in the Stranger. It was hilarious, just all these things previously I had no CLUE about (like, for example, who the DAMDL is or what he/she/it is trying to do....oh yeah, and if the DAMDL was a man, woman, or creature) were suddenly all falling into place. At first I was like, "Yeah, okay, remember that for the morning." but after around the 10th epiphany I just got up and started writing it all down. ^__^
So, in conclusion, I totally know everything now. EXCEPT where the Stranger's soul is. And also, how they're actually going to BEAT the DAMDL now that I've made him/her/it freaking invincible.
*shakes head*

Also, is it just me or has Numair been wittier than normal, lately? I didn't intend to make him the go-to man for comic relief, but that's kinda what he's doing. *glowers at Numair*


Merc said...

*hearts epiphanies*

Also, good idea to write them down... nothing sucks more than knowing you had one and being unable to remember it in the morning. O:) *does not speak from experience at ALL, no, precious*

Sounds like a productive night/insanely early morning/whatever. :D

Bahnree said...

Yeah, it's happened to me too, don't worry. But usually if I make a mental note to remember it, at some point the next day I do. But it was a lot handier to have them all written (albeit in horrible writing) for me to look at this morning.

Snazel said...

I heart Numair.


Okay, moving away from that eternal theme, HURRAH!!! I approve of your epiphanies. ^_^

(Do the Missing Door.)