Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I should know that you're not gonna change

I am technically done with the third edit of "Hell Hath No Furies." However, it's still absurdly short, and I'm trying to decide if I care. Haha. And, if I do care, what I should add. I've considered adding a sub-plot with Adrastus and Minthe, but I feel like that would make the story unfocused. Ya know??? Also, if I gave THEM a sub-plot, wouldn't ALL fourteen of the Athenians want one??? Haha. My beta-readers want more of the gods. Again, I kinda feel like that would make the story unfocused.
Athena and Eros could get more scenes, but I feel like they'd be repetitive. Zeus and Hera could get some scenes, perhaps even a scene with Hades or something.

I have two questions for the comments:
1. Do you like including a lot of sub-plots in a story? Either the kind that are actually very connected to the main plot and only show this at the end, or just the kind that are about people or things nearby the main story.
2. How important is weather to you in a narrative? Do you include a lot of it, do you care, does it matter?


Snazel said...


Why yes, I do enjoy adding sub-plots. And then I curse myself for many many many night afterwards. ^_^ But I guess I'm not happy without a good curse?

Weather, I like. Er, you know, details beyond dialogue? I always want more of those. *nods*

Merc said...

I like subplots as long as they eventually connect to the main plot and are interesting and don't detract from the main plot.

Unless, you know, I get so involved in the subplot I want that to BE the main plot, and I rant at the author for awhile demanding it all be changed... %-)

Spartezda said...

I think of subplots as sort of like strands of yarn separated off from the main hank, but rejoining it before the end. If they just go off on their own and never connect up, I find them more irritating than fun.

...I'm not sure that comparison made any sense whatsoever.