Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nano '10 Wrap-up

Day 28 Wordcount: 46,733
Day 29 WC: 48,361
Day 30: WC: 50,001

So let me tell you about my final day of Nanowrimo. I blame no one. I just need to lay out the facts.

6:30-8:30: I got up, got ready, went to class.
8:30-2:50: I was at school and work, both on campus.
2:50-3:30: I commuted on my bike home in the rain with insufficient rain gear.
3:30: I returned home, soaking wet. As I peeled off layers, I was told we were going to the mall ("we": my sister and her husband, my mom, myself, and 2 small children). Much running around getting small children ready ensued.
4:00-5:30: I ran around the mall, chasing/carrying small children.
5:30-7:00: I returned home (after almost being killed by a certain crazy male driver) and we set to work making dinner. Somehow, with four people, it took an eternity. Oh, well we had to wait for certain people to go buy wine. As one does.
7:00-7:30: I ate dinner.
7:30-9:30: I was told we were watching a movie, and to go find it. After searching the entire room for the movie and not finding it, we decided on a different one and settled in. I brought my language homeworks and my laptop so I could work while watching a movie (cuz we know how that always works, right?).
9:30-10:30: The movie ending, I bled over the last 1k or so of my wordcount. After finishing, realized I still had all of my Latin hw to do for the next day.

Ahem. Anyway, so that's how my Nanowrimo turned out. ^_^ I was kinda bummed cuz it would have been fun to be on the nets while all my friends were finishing, but instead I had to finish ALL ALONE. It was very cold and quiet and non-word-warry. XD

General concluding feelings about this last month: I had fun times, I had suicidal thoughts occasionally, and I got a lot of good writing practice in. I can't decide if I hate my novel or not. There are characters and tiny bits that I like, and the overall structure of the novel is a lot more sound than most of my Nanos, let's face it.


Merc said...

Hey, congrats on 50k! :D *cookies*

Snazel said...

That day sounds terrible. Therefore, you are my hero. :D

And your family, insisting on you being social. HOW HUMOURS FAMILY IS, WITH THE SOCIALIZING. HAHAHAHAHAH.

I MISSED you when we were finishing! But I figured I had to sleep before work. NEXT year we can race together. :D