Thursday, May 01, 2008

More than ever hour after hour work is never over

Decided to pull out the good ol' Daft Punk to help me get energized. It's not working. Crud.

I keep staring at my blank document, but nothing's happening. Maybe I'm expecting the Holy Spirit to guide my fingers again: I dunno.

Where is it situated? In a bazillion million worlds, none of which I've decided on except for Earth. :P
When is it? The future. I think. Or it's in a parallel universe and I can just make up a time like year 1457 of the Kradian Age.
What are your characters' names? I *think* Tara Vale, something Blackburn, the Vanier twins, and Ramy. Which/any of those are villains is pending. *shrewd eye at Ramy*
What's the title? omg I can haz title plz? So I hear you like titles?
What is the major character forming event? Well, there's this door, see, and it's....missing? bahahahaha......
Do you even have a plot?Um, yes! Well, I mean,'s just a little rough....sketchy....completely absent except for a strand in my brain......

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