Thursday, September 04, 2008

We are forsaken, there's no time anymore.

Tis the season to begin thinking about Nanowrimo, I guess. :P Kendra mentioned thinking about it on her writing blog, and today I was thinking about mine as well. I *think* I'm deciding between two ideas. They're both fairly complicated, and neither are brand-new stories to me, so I tried outlining them a bit. One of them I got a very basic but complete outline for, the other I just kinda stared at the page, whimpered, and closed the notebook. :P I was doing it on break at Homesource anyway, so I got back to work. ;)

Anywayz, good luck to anyone else who's thinking about it! I'm going to start serious botheration on October 1st, so plan to have your Internet and phone lines broken if this is offensive to you. :P

PS-Within Temptation is SO going back on my nano playlist this year.....that stuff is GOLD. "Forsaken" ALWAYS gives me shivers, no matter how many hundreds of times I listen to it. O.o

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Snazel said...

They are both brilliant, I know. :P