Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And then the ice weasels come.

I've been finding spectacular ways of procrastinating from writing my first paper for the term, which happens to be due tomorrow. :D

Anyway, it occurred to me that I should write a First-Day-of-Screnzy post. For posterity. And for the furthering of said procrastination. :) Note: Why do I always seem to end sentences with emoticons? That is irritating and I just noticed it. For instance, I wanted to put a :S after "emotions?" and a D: after "noticed it." Sick. I think my sudden new resolution is to temporarily stop using emoticons.


I've written a bit over 3 pages, which is, you know, what I should have for a day but it's good to create a buffer in the first week, right? :S Ah well. I like what I have, although I wrote the scene way too fast and I know I left out a bunch of stuff that I needed to put in...but oh well! I'll add it later. I'm having a lot of fun so far (which isn't saying much as it's only the first day, but hey!), but it's REALLY hard for me to not wax descriptive on every little mood and facet of the characters. I didn't realize how much I liked describing my character's speech and motivations. Weird, huh? Although I'm also noticing I don't miss describing locations AT ALL. Me and locations=fail. For anyone who's read my infamous Olympus scene.....yes. Case in point.
Tomorrow I'm writing a scene wherein my mercenary commander gives his best and brightest a run-down of their new duties, a tour of the palace, and possibly a glimpse of the ferret terrarium thrown in the mix! :D


Snazel said...

oh wow. Lovely times! With your commander in chief, I mean. AHem.

ANd I am addicted to emotes too, it's true. ;)

Lady Glamis said...

Ack! I love using emoticons, too. :) :) :) :D They're just fun. I like exclamation points, too.

As far as your script frenzy goes, I wouldn't worry about writing things too fast. That's the whole point, right? Get it all out. Ignore the inner editor, and then go back later. :) Good luck!

Bahnree said...

Yeah, my inner editor is locked up, I'm just wondering if adding to what I've previously written will help my page count or if I should just blaze on. :D

Kendra said...

I'm not addicted to emoticons *lofty* I could give them up *anytime*. Stars, on the other hand, are mine. Don't take them.