Sunday, April 05, 2009

gotta getcha head in the game

Whew! I'm a bit behind on Screnzy. But I HAVE been getting stuff done. Namely homework, going to a play that a bunch of my friends are in, editing the Stranger, editing the Varesh-as-a-child story, etc. :D I'm at 10 pages now, though, for Screnzy. I'm really curious how the story is going to turn out...I don't have much of a clue or outline at all. Characters keep popping up, like Vana and Rogue. Rogue, particularly, is a funny story. I was thinking tonight about how I often like the scoundrelly, ruffian, rogue types in movies and books. SO I decided to make a character named Rogue who's a scoundrelly type, and then totally tear the poor guy apart. :D Fun times. My sarcasm shall be his death. It'll be interesting. It'll be like a metaphor for me getting over the whole rogue-novelty thing. Or something.

Okay, yeah, it's lame. 


Lady Glamis said...

Not lame. I like the idea!

Snazel said...

Oh, I'm interested to read it all.