Monday, July 13, 2009

I am, therefore I fail. ;)

I started writing the next Stranger episode today, and realized I could NOT, because I screwed up about five things in the episode I just posted. Soooo I'm pulling the episode for now until I can fix everything. *shakes head* I think I was asleep when I reviewed my continuity checklist for that episode. :P

Hahahahaha funny story, too! I realized (in class today, good grief) that I could totally write a spin-off series and call it, "The Stranger: Atlantis." That made me choke back a laugh in class, let me tell you. I'm NOT, of course, because...that would be stupid, plus I really just don't want to write that much about the destiny-obsessed crazies over there.


Merc said...

*cracks up* Dude. You are SO lucky I wasn't drinking when I read that...


*focuses* O:)

Bahnree said...

Wow, I'm so glad that that was funny to someone! After I typed it, I was kinda like...ermmmm maybe not funny after

Snazel said...

heh heh heh *chortles*

oh man, that so should be next summer's project. Spin-offs for the WIN!