Sunday, July 12, 2009

"That's the dramatic warning I was expecting."

"Ohmigosh, no wai!"

I wrote today! I totally did! And it wasn't for school, or blogging!
I finished the next episode of the Stranger. It needs a lot of editing, though, cuz it's too long and really rambling. :P I'll try and work on it later today, I guess. After this one, there's only 3 more! Yay! I HAVE to finish by September 6th, because there is NO way it should have taken a year to do the series. :P Let's face it.

I have to go do stuff now, but then I'm going to force myself to come back and edit some of HHNF. I want to finish the third edit of that before the summer ends. *fierce* I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....


Merc said...

Yes, you can. *waves flaming pompoms*

Great job on the writing. Hey, rambling and overlong is better than nothing getting done. ;)

Snazel said...

GO BAHNREE!!!!! *cheers* I shall await the stranger with much eagerness.

Snazel said...

*has read the stranger* THAT was jolly. *nods* I approve of Numair.