Wednesday, July 08, 2009

something for snazel to read

I'm in a serious writing....I dunno....hell? Any self-motivation that I managed to scrape together during my short life has completely fled away to the far corners of the galaxy. Any inspiration or desire or liking for writing went with it. I think they're having an affair, personally. I try to write, and get a couple sentences down, and then I wince at the pathetic-ness and slink away. I have soooo many projects that used to be fun that I *could* work on. I just don't. I don't force myself to write every day like I should. It's summer, so I finally have TIME to work on projects, and I don't.

On a slightly more positive note, I *am* helping snazel to write more. Not that she wasn't doing an excellent job of productivity before. ;) One of my favorite bloggers, Merc, wrote this post about how to finish stories. I sent it along to snazel, who immeditately asked me to physically threaten Varesh Elm, a character of mine. He's one of the leads in Dimension Tournament (working title, it really needs an actual title, lol) and also stars in this short story. If she fails of her goal, I'm going to be really annoyed cuz I'll have to kill him. And I would really rather not. *glares severely at snazel* I will do it, though.

Anyway, as I said, nothing productive, enlightening, or even particularly entertaining in here, but go read Merc's post! Follow her! Adore! Worship!


Snazel said...

*reads avidly*

Okay, affairs? Summer affairs, none the less? Really, I expected better of you, Modivation-et-Inspiration-et-desire. *shakes head*

And you are helping LOTS. As evidenced by the passion with which I procrastinate today and yesterday. *runs away to write more*

Merc said...

Hah! Nice. %-) I admire your willingness to kill someone to make snazel write. :D

(Btw, love the header pic in your blog. What's it from?)

Bahnree said...

@merc: it's from a piece by someone on deviantART, I can't remember the username just this second....I will remember and get back to you.

Merc said...

Cool, thanks. :D I'd love to see more of the artist's work... I may have a thing for that type of work, cough. ;)

Bahnree said...

username: Saimain

Merc said...

*tips hat* Much obliged for the link.

Kendra said...

Ugh, I know the feeling. Hang in there, inspiration will come back.

shield maiden said...

Is it an affair? Or in some sick and twisted way, does your creativity flourish best under duress, stress, and/or busy periods? I know that for me, it is the latter unfortunately (which is why I write my story ideas on post-it notes at work :)!).

It's good that you're helping Snazel! Perhaps by helping her, you will inadvertently win the heart back of both your motivation and writing!!! Good luck with coaxing them ;).