Monday, November 16, 2009

everything burns, everyone screams

I hit the third burnout this month today. Third is definitely the worst. It gets better after that, right? *hopeful look*
It's really kinda tragic too cuz I JUST CAUGHT UP yesterday. Blargh.

I did do SOME writing today, though. I critiqued several stories for class, and I wrote 300 words of a short story that's due for Wednesday (a full short, not just a scenario). Can I count that in my nano? PLAX? Whatever.

Starting tomorrow I'm just going to move to 3000 words a day, so hopefully if I miss days or don't make the count certain days, I'll have a cushion? I don't know if that's a good idea though. And I've decided that for the next week at least, school takes priority to Nano. I mean, it was already, but basically what it meant before was that I'd finish hw around 11, and then START Nano for the day? Now I'm going to put a little more emphasis on sleep. :) So we'll see if I reach the 80k. I will definitely reach 50k, though.

It is SO stormy outside! It's been windy all day but once the sun went down its' been pouring and trying to tear the house down. Yay!


Snazel said...

Sleep is important. Do not ignore sleep. I assure you it only leads to more pain in the end.

YAY 50K WINNER! Let's break 40k today, mmmmkay?

Bahnree said...

"Ok, you've got a deal!"