Saturday, November 14, 2009

"I don't think I feel that way about you Byrn." But *I* do!

This years' Nanowrimo just keeps getting more and more interesting. On the one hand, I love my novel. On the other hand, scraping out the words each day is getting more and more like Professor Umbridge's Quill. You know what I'm saying???

I wrote only like 700 words yesterday, but TODAY I've written 3k so far. :D Probably my most productive day so far. I'm going to attempt to write 1k more today, and then somehow try to get 4k tomorrow, cuz then I will be caught up for my 80k goal. I VANTS 40K TOMORROW. TRUFAX.

Question for the comments: During Nano, when it comes to travel exposition, do you like writing long, drawn-out accounts so that you have more words? Or do you like just writing a brief summary and moving on?


Snazel said...

First of all, I want your novel. *stares*

Also- WHOO! *cheers your words "today"*

I also lust after 40 k on sunday. *gulps* WE CAN DO IT.

Uh, during Nano so far, whenever I've been doing travel I've been writing from Nanami's POV, and she doesn't really turn off. So summaries didn't seem to work. I also don't even know what I'm doing, as you will see in fifteen days. OMG FIFTEEN DAYS I"M SO BEHIND I SHOULD BE WRITING!!! *cries*

Bahnree said...


I decided late last night that I should probably start outlining, though, or I won't finish the story in time. O.o Drem you long-winded babble-bag!