Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wrimos will look up and shout "save us" and I'll

Wow, I have an absurdly long list of posts I need to make on this blog....and probably all of them will have to wait until Dec, unless I get really procrastinatory.


I went to my local midnight write-in last night. :) It was fun, although special, experience. XD
Got to Shari's, told them my age, and was told the Wrimos were in a room that minors aren't allowed in. I was like ohhhkay. But then it wasn't actually a room, it was just at one end and slightly partitioned off. So I started an awesome kids table right outside it and ended up being joined by all the COOLEST people. biggrin.gif Not even joking, all of the annoying people I remember from last year were totally BEHIND THE WALL. LOLZ it was great. Then the women at my table and I were being super chatty and silly as we pwned words, so then this woman from BEHIND THE WALL came and sneered at us. After a very polite argument, she left and made fun of us to her table-mates and we quieted down a TAD. tongue.gif
I wrote about 1644 words before my head started nodding so I figured I should go home. tongue.gif

Current wordcount: 1644.


Snazel said...

Blogspot needs a like button.


*hugs you*

You had a writein at a BAR? *chortles* Silly americans.

Merc said...

The kids table is always more awesome. At family gatherings the "kids" table is filled with teenagers and those of us in the early twenties, but still. We rock. B-)

I also rather adore your title for this post. *hearts*

Glad you had wordness!

Bahnree said...

Haha yeah, my family always has a kids table too. ^_^ We usually end up quoting the seagulls from Finding Nemo. Yes, that's our idea of fun.

Merc said...

*snickers* The "grown ups" tend to quietly not ask what goes on at the kids table. %-)

Bahnree said...

As opposed to loudly not ask?

Merc said...