Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's in YOUR writing kit?

YOU try typing "Pierrfindelsson" twenty-seven times, and see if YOU don't hate all Elvenkind at the end.
One more episode finished!

And now, for fun, something I found on someone else's writing blog.

What's in your writing kit?
1. My laptop, Shinra. Every writer needs a computer, either their own, borrowed, or stolen. AlphaSmarts are for noobs.
2. Notebook: these vary depending on how ah feel when I get a new one. My first writing notebook was a huge green spiral, the second one was a huge sparkly green composition one, and now it's a nice unlined moleskin.
3. Unlimited supply of Papermate pens. :P Pencils are for noobs.
4. Vincent, my hot-rod-red Zune.
5. Earbuds.
6. No Plot? No Problem! Because it pwns.
7. MLA handbook: for editing only.
8. Copious amounts of chocolate.
9. Copious amounts of root beer.
10. Post-it notes for scrawling random ideas onto.


Kendra said...

That's what Ctrl-V is for. And when you say all elvenkind, you don't mean Tolkienesque elvenkind, right? Right? *eyes fill with tears*
That's a shiny question. I'm gonna steal that one, otays? Otays.
Is it real moleskin? And I believe in pencils when I write in the rain. They don't get smudgy. Pens in hte rain is for n00bs :P
I am going to steal some of your supply ideas for my own writing kit from now on as well. Specifically post-it notes. I like that.

Bahnree said...

*big sigh* I suppose not Tolkienesque. They have first-created privileges.

Steal all you want. :P And pens don't smudge in the rain if you have a waterproof notebook. *feels geeky*

Kendra said...

But waterproof notebooks are more expensive, and they're not waterproof when they're open *feels Scottish* :P What if I want to write in the rain? I do sometimes, you know.

Bahnree said...

No, I'm talking about WATERPROOF waterproof notebooks. Like, all the pages are waterproofed as well. I have one, it totally works in the rain. I took it to the Oregon coast, it's been tested. ;)
They are more expensive though. I think mine was $5 and it's not full-size.

Kendra said...

Yep. Too much for me. Although it sounds really cool. But I am a stereotypical broke writer, and Scottish, so not for me. ;) Maybe Santa Claus will get one for me...
Until then, I shall stick with my WATERPROOF waterproof pencils :P