Monday, August 11, 2008

Everything matters if anything matters at all

ohmigosh this week basically ALL of my writing projects have all JUMPED me at once. They all insist THEY are the most important and need to be finished first. O.o It's really kinda freakish and rather scary.
But I'm firmly sticking with The Stranger for now. I want to make sure to have 12 episodes done BEFORE Nano so I have enough to post one every week, and I doubt I'll want to write them in November.
Once I get at least 12 episodes done, I'm not sure which I'll work on, exactly. My Nano project has changed once again :P but never fear, I wrote down everything important I thought of for Third World. I know, I've got to be the flakiest amateur writer ever, but there's just SO MUCH TO GET DOWN! I don't know which to do first. :D
You want the EPIC list of all my ideas that I REALLY REALLY want to do? You do? You don't? *glares over at the corner* Well, too bad, you're going to get them all ANYWAY!
1. Finish Jano-I like it the way it is now but it's too short. So I need to add a sub-plot or something.
2. Finish Hell Hath No Furies-basically I'm a loser and STILL need to research a lot of the technical aspects. Wah.
3. Tasliri-I've actually got a PLAN for this one, which I won't divulge here. Muahaha. But because of that, it's still on my "possibly WILL get done someday" list. And actually I'll give you a hint: this should actually be listed as two items. *horrified screams ring out*
4. The Missing Door-I've got like 10k done. :P But I love it so it will happen.
5. Dimension Tournament-omg love this story so much, IT WILL FINISH
6. Seven Sprites-I'm not sure if anyone's read this besides me. Hm. Well, it's been one of my most fun experiences, but very unfinished as well.
7. The Stranger-4 episodes done, gah I'm such a loser!!!
8. FF7 Fanfic-OH MY GOSH I'm SUCH a loser. But yes, I am still hoping to finish this.
9. Third World
10. HHNF sequel-planned out.

Oh and I got one of those fold-out portfolios to hold all my loose writing-related papers! It's all brown and blue and pretty. I lurve it.


Snazel said...

*jubliant throngs fill the streets of Jasmine's mind*

Stephanie is going to finish Dim Tour!!!!! :D

And what about the Hell Hath No Furies sequels, eh?

Pine Cone Boy said...

Is one of those ones the one I'm hoping for? *nudge nudge*

Bahnree said...

uhh which one are you hoping for? remind me.

Kendra said...

He wants to read Hell Hath No Furies. Because he knows he's missing out.
You did a FF fanfic?! I didn't KNOW! And you are so not a loser. You=FTW! I love the Dim Tour too. Wanna hear how it ends. That cool chick, and the tree guy. Yeah. Good times.
Go Stephanie! Fight! know the rest.

Bahnree said...

Yes I did a FF fanfic. Freaky, huh? :P Mostly it has to do with the Shinra Electric Power Company, of course. ;)

Kendra said...

Because Shinra happens to be awesome. It's understandable.

Pine Cone Boy said...

I can't say what it is here. That should ring a bell.