Wednesday, August 06, 2008

my library is my dukedom

I have four episodes of The Stranger officially done. Which seems so little for the blood poured over it, but it'll do.

More importantly, last night, trying to distract myself from thinking about my wisdom teeth extraction this morning, I FINALLY thought up a plot of sorts for my Third World story. Yes, I've been wanting to write something based on the whole epic joke for forever. I don't have a plot, per se, really, but I have several characters, several scenes, lines of dialogue, and I know at least a sub-plot will be assassination of TW's ruler.

Yep. I'm pretty excited. I think I might save it for Nano, though.


Kendra said...

I'm impressed. Four?! *bows* Truly you are a great leader among writers.
I too am excited for this Third World story. Will snickerdoodles be given a cameo? ;)

Bahnree said...

LOL yeah, a whole four episodes in like 2 months....reallyyyyy impressive. ;)

I'm not quite sure how to work them in, but hopefully, yeah. :D

Pine Cone Boy said...

Will there be terrorists?

Bahnree said...

Probably. Just think of all the problems a country could have, in one concise fictional account.