Saturday, December 06, 2008

I less than three Eros

I'm going ahead and throwing myself back into editing HHNF. :D The first step is going through the draft and correcting more grammar/spelling, and also marking ALL the passages that need info (such as names, places, or food :P), or that need to be rewritten/expanded. I'm almost through, and once I'm done I'll go through the doc slowly but surely and do everything that's marked. I'm trying to guesstimate how many hours, but I really can't. Once I do THAT, I'll go through it ONE more time for grammar/spelling and obvious errors, and then send it off to CreateSpace. :)
On the note of CreateSpace, I am somewhat religiously against self-publishing. BUT since I have NO intentions of ever publishing this story (since it's not an original story), I figured I might as well have fun. :D I'll probably send the rough of Wyrd to CreateSpace too, just to use as a proof copy.
Anywayz when HHNF IS on CS, I'll let you know in case you want a copy. ;)


Snazel said...


I will be buying a copy, for certain sure. And you're signing it. And it will go in my will, since it will be worth MILLIONS someday. *chortles*

Kendra said...

ME! I also request a signed copy. So when I marry rich and fly down to visit you, you'll sign it, right? Right.
I approve of you publishing your book. HHNF is my happy place. I go read it again when I'm feeling down.