Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just: Stay there, don't hurt anyone!

Haven't posted since December 21st! Shocking behavior, really. I hope Christmas went well for everyone who reads this (and everyone else, lulz).

Writing. Haven't worked on HHNF for a week or so, which is really silly...but I'm just really feeling the need for a break. School starts next week: I am both super excited and super NOT! Sigh.

I HAVE been working on the Stranger. It's up to 12 episodes, and 13 is finished but needs to be edited more. I am SOOO excited about the DAMDL arc. Wheeee!

I saw "Australia" yesterday and had like a million plot bunnies attack me from that movie...I feel so-so about the actual movie, but I spotted some great ideas in various elements of the film. I also appreciated the fact it was set in Australia: not many movies get that setting, which I think is a waste.


Snazel said...

And also it would be rather ironic if it wasn't set in Australia, you know, given the title and all.

Bahnree said...

Ha Ha....what I meant was, it could have been called "America" or "Africa" or "China" and got basically the same story.