Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Glimpse into the next year of Bahnree

Writing-wise, in any case. That's the most important part of life, right? ;)

So my goals for this year (as in, in between Nano 2008 and Nano 2009) are these:
1. Finish Hell Hath No Furies-this needs to edited and revised again, I need to make final decisions on adding any more scenes, and then I'm getting my free copy from CreateSpace ;) 2007 winners FTW. For those of you who have read this, if you have any more ideas for needed scenes, please let me know ASAP. As far as I know I only need a couple, and those are mostly travel exposition.
2. Finish Wyrd-this needs to be finished, first of all, and then edited/revised several times.
3. Finish Absence-this needs to be longer. I have problems. But yeah, so finish writing this, and edit whatever I write.
4. Finish The Stranger-I have what, 11 episodes? 12 episodes to go?
5. Finish The Missing Door ROUGH-Mostly I want to reach at least 50k for this story. I may take a break on it for a while after that.
6. Finish Dimension Tournament ROUGH-Same deal as MD.
7. Finish A Good Son-mostly just editing, I don't think I'm going to change or add much.

The Stranger will happen every week until it's done, or hopefully so.
HHFN is my next big goal, I'm going to COMPLETELY FINISH IT this month and January (Jan. 31st at the VERY latest).
After that, I'll have 9 months for the other 5 projects, so I'll divide up my time accordingly.

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