Thursday, December 18, 2008

in my field of paper flowers

I'm an episode behind in the Stranger, but I think I might be able to post two tomorrow. I iz working hard. And the next two (previously the ones where the red fuzzy robots attack) go together, so it would work good to post them together. The red fuzzy robots, alas, are no more. What's funny is I never intended to...well, for them to exist. I had meant to exchange them for something that was an actual trend in fantasy writing, but I couldn't think of anything quite right. But it's taken care of now. ;) I iz happeh. The division between the two episodes is changing, too. Before the first part broke off RIGHT before the battle, but now I'm breaking it off at the point where the Stranger decides to fight It evens out better that way.

Anyway this is all very uninteresting, I'm sure, I'm just kinda thinking aloud. :D I less than three the Stranger.

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Kendra said...

I'll miss the robots, but await your new army gleefully.
GJ working hard! We your fans appreciate it.