Sunday, May 18, 2008

And then, inspiration strikes!

Wordcount: A bit over 11k.
Wordcount I SHOULD be at: liiiiike 26k? Or something ridiculous? I have less than HALF what I should have. Not...good....and it should be fine, cuz I just have to do 3k a day, but....I haven't managed a 3k day yet. :P still wonderful. And I fitted a "real person" in, as per the dare. I think the only dare I haven't done is the shiny jewel of doom one....hmm...and I bet I could do it. Maybe I'll do that today.

Hey...that's a good idea.....dude......"Suspected cause of death: Shiny Jewel of Doom!!!"

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Snazel said...

I was writing yesterday, and what should I hear but- no joke- my little sister singing about a "Shiny Jewel of Doom". Her exact words.

The best memories are surreal, no?